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 Welcome to Centrify Solutions

"Centrify Solutions was founded in 2018 in an effort to support Private Equity companies face the challenge to quickly forming fractional teams that could support a wide variety of technologies at a economical price. 

After tremendous great success we went on to focus on the AI and Conversational GPT facets of technology and have now developed the most flexible and capable LLM platform on the market that we call 'LangX'.  

Our Executive Team demonstrates our dependency on diverse ideas and backgrounds that simply do not exist in a single country, culture or mindset. 

But we also are not ashamed to call ourselves children of the Most High Lord of Israel - our source of wisdom, knowledge and strength. 

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Please get to know our executives directly and feel free to each out to us, personally.

Tony Baldwin 

Chief Technology Officer

Global Director of Marketing for Centrify Solutions

Nadine Billones has served as Director of Marketing since the company’s foundation in 2018.  Nadine works closely with our leadership and development teams to deliver marketecture leadership for product innovation, service offerings and our evolving online strategies.  Nadine earned a Master’s Business Science degree from Mindanao State University in the Philippines and draws rich diversity and perspective to lead our company in adoption of AI & GPT-based technologies that are the foundation of all marketing strategy at Centrify Solution. 

Nadine’s contributions in AI & GPT technology and process adoption have been so impactful, they are regularly integrated into our core product development.   

Global Director of Marketing

Nadine Billiones

Global VP of Operations for Centrify Solutions

Deepak Arora

Global VP of Operations

As the tech landscape evolved, so did Deepak's career. Mr. Deepak Arora comes from Integration background and served IT industry for more than 20 years covering various industries like Retail, Banking, Media, Healthcare, and Tourism.


From developing cutting-edge software to contributing to the architecture and design of Software Solutions, Deepak has been key in pushing the limits of what even Harvard University laboratories has developed with regard to AI. 


Whether exploring the realms of DevOps or diving into the intricacies of AI and machine learning, Deepak remained at the forefront of technological evolution.  Deepak manages all offshore development and delivery teams world-wide and has continued to provide an unyielding commitment to delivery excellence on each of the 300+ projects that we have completed since 2018.  

Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Centrify Solutions

Tony Baldwin

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tony Baldwin operates as both Founder & CTO of Centrify and is also honored to serve on the Board of Directors for AxionAI and SmartSoftUS. 

Tony combines a highly referenceable 20+ years serving as CIO/CTO for companies and hands-on development and implementation experience in the last 5 years with SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday, SPS Commerce, Tableau, Google Big Query, Vertex AI as well as GPT, OpenAI, LangChain, Python, Zapier and Workato. 

As founder of Centrify, Tony is personally responsible for development of the only commercially available alternative GPT with a platform that overcomes the many limitations and hype of Microsoft’s GPT platform.  Centrify refers to this as its LangX Platform that is now in its 5th release.        

 . . . More About Centrify Solutions

Centrify Solutions is greatly enriched with technology collaboration, expertise and employees throughout the world, supporting 100+ employees that work from formal offices in U.S., Indian, Sri Lanka, Korea, and China.  


It is unfortunate that we have not been able to attract, retain, and refine top engineering talent in these United States but we have used this as an opportunity to advance other facets of the U.S. agenda to integrate the best minds and technologies in the world that would not have been available otherwise. 

Centrify also sponsors a compelling what we feel is the best AI training and career development that includes translation and accommodation services to support major gaps in both our K-12 and even the best collegiate development programs.  Please reach out to us to learn more.

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