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 Centrify Pre-Developed Solutions

Unlike conceptual frameworks with notable limitations such as Google Gemini or ChatGPT, our LangX LangChain platform has commercially available applications that exceed the numerous limitations of pure GPT applications. 


We have provided a few examples of our pre-developed (not pre-trained) applications that serve a growing number of industries.

  • LangX Platform - Core Product Offering

  • Big Query & SAP S4Hana GPT Enablement 

  • Embedded Automotive Guidance & Support

  • Taste Encounters - Taste & Olfactory App

  • Autonomous Drone Analytics & GPT Services

Centrify LangChain-Driven Solutions
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 3.55.52 PM.png

LangX - Core Platform Version 5 Release

LangX - Version 5 Bokeh Data Visualization


LangX is an LLM-based, GPT modeled application development platform that is specifically designed to overcome the limitations of pure GPT models with the intent of creating commercial applications with scale.

The promise of "conversational intelligence" with legacy platforms through a single application platform is soundly delivered through LangX.  

database sources for LangX core platform application

Big Query/SAP S4Hana: LangX API & Agent Connectors  

LangX Version 4 Big Query Connector

LangX - Version 5 Big Query Connector

Google Big Query Application Logo
arrow connecting two images
Bokeh Python Reporting Library

Bokeh Python Reporting Library

Our LangX Connector factory includes both API and Agent connectors to enable conversations and data visualizations with ERP applications such as NetSuite, SAP and Google Big Query.

Combined with our Bokeh Python Reporting Suite, you can have this type of engagement with your ERP:

   1. Conversational dialog with ERP solutions - "Who are our most profitable customers after promotions?"

   2. Refinement of findings - "Please remove international customers."​

   3. Visual presentation of results - "Provide me a scatter plot graph (shown above) for further analysis".  

Embedded LangX GPT -  BMW Automotive

BMW GPT Engagement Guide

In partnership with Intel, we are now using our LLM LangX platform to embed in automotive chips with a specific focus on conditioning of users to new user features and experiences as well as warnings and notifications that may suggest immediate response actions and scenarios.  

Intel AI Builders Logo

BMW GPT Engagement Guide

LangX Drone Programming & Sensor Analytics

Hancock Claims Geo-Thermal Drone Solution
Hancock Logo

Unitree Go2 Surveillance Drone

T1 Underwater Drone

T1 Underwater Drone

Unitree Go2 Surveillance Drone

Tello DJI Sensor 2.o Drone

Tello DJI Sensor 2.0 Drone

Hancock Claims Geo-Thermal Drone Solution

Hancock Claims was our first engagement integrating autonomous flying drones with GPT services and reporting. 

Hancock was delivered a pilot application that would replace "truck and ladder" assessment of roof damage with autonomous drones that would eliminate 60% of labor expense and immediately stream results to carriers via our API integrations. 


Today, we are proud to say we have GPT integrations with a breadth of drones, including:

  • Tello Gas & Geo-Thermal Sensing Drones

  • T1 Underwater GPT responsive Drones

  • Ground Surveillance, GPT Enabled Drones​​​

Click to learn more about the adoption of our autonomous AI drones & training

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