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Centrify Solutions

"Creating Human Engagement with a Technical Universe"

AI Services & Economical AI Platforms that Enables & Future Proofs Technology Strategy

Centrify has looked beyond the "GPT Hype" and limitations of GPT to created our own AI platform based on LangChain called "LangX" . . . read below

Young, very realistic asian girl filled
a detailed, visual list of AI development tools

Centrify Services

Technology "Concierge" routing allows you place your applications and services inside of a customized, AI-driven system that incorporates your own learning and resolution into every support request.     

Single Number Concierge, Single Point of Support

Means no more calling multiple channels to get your technology needs met and questions answered.  And, as you answer, our systems learn to automate resolution of future requests. 

Centrify AI Technology Services

 Centrify LangX Apps = GPT + RPA + UI + Analytics

Does your GPT solution allow you to create applications with:

   1. Custom UI/UX Experience

   2. Automated RPA Workflows

   3. Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Our LangX Platform offers a low-code app dev platform driven by LangChain/GPT.

visual display of the features of the application called taste encounters

Collect Data via Mobile

Review Reporting

Save/Train LLM Model

Chat/Share Model

Tastes Encounters - Taste Rating LangX Application

Centrify LangX Product Platform  

a step-by-step diagram of a new conversational AI platform

Defy GPT Limitations with LangX Platform

Train your GPT models with your data from your sources.

Secure your own Lang X platform instance in your environment.

Save your data, your research, your chats forever.


Tastes of Tea - Customer Testimonial

"As an international importer of specialty tea blends, LangX has added a new 'blending expert' that analyzes our customers to create new innovative tea blends economically optimized to produce.   

We leverage the Tastes Encounters LangX application that aggregates knowledge of all of our Master Tea Craftsman into one proprietary library that produces proforma forecasts and economical blending compounds that delivers a competitive advantage against the largest tea competitors in the world.  

Adding LangX to our IT platform is like hiring 12 specialized staff working 24/7.  We don't train the bots, they train us with latest information, updated from every single information source, every single hour.  

                                                                                                                                          Insoon Park, CEO

                                                                                                                                          Tastes of Tea

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